Paxton is involved in multiple social ventures, primarily with fellow entrepreneur Randall Ray. They have variously received funding from  NYU’s Program for Social Entrepreneurship, and competitions at Ashoka’s Youth Venture and the Stern School of Business. All involve using technology and innovation to solve problems in society.

Sun Giant

Sun Giant Energy is a company started at NYU’s social entrepreneurship program. Its goal is to make affordable solar energy available to the people of Liberia.

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Only 1% of the nation is connected to grid electricity, while the rest rely on dirty, expensive generators and kerosene lamps. By distributing and maintaining the highest quality solar lanterns and plug-and-play off grid solar systems, we aim to eliminate the need for gasoline and kerosene in households, businesses, schools, and health facilities across Liberia.  Sun Giant Energy will provide financing packages that will save our customers money from day one and allow them to buy and own their system over the course of one to two years.  Once the system is paid for, the energy it produces is free for the lifetime of the product.  

Harnessing the power of the sun, we are working with Liberians to create increased financial freedom and energy independence. Our mission is based on the simple but powerful idea that access to reliable, clean energy sources is the steppingstone needed for Liberia to succeed in creating innovative, community-driven development.
— Sun Giant Energy

Sun Giant has also provided relief in the US following Hurricane Sandy. Check out how one of their solar lanterns gave light to an NYU residence hall during the blackout, and the conditions found on Rockaway after the storm.